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Lguret hits out at the crocodile

Ewaso Lions fight crocodile in the wild

Whitley Award winner Shivani Bhalla witnessed an extraordinary battle in Samburu National Reserve
27 August, 2014
Pablo Borboroglu, penguins

Pablo Borboroglu Paper on New Strategies to Save Penguins

2010 Whitley Award winner urges action for global penguin conservation
13 August, 2014
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Apply now for the Whitley Awards 2015!

Application is now open for the 2015 Whitley Awards. £35,000 in funding to outstanding nature conservationists
13 August, 2014
Claudio's black lion tamarin conservation work has seen the species risk of extinction downgraded

Continuation Funding Spring 2014

WFN has awarded £280,000 in support of the ongoing work of six past Whitley Award winners
13 July, 2014

New mammal species named after Whitley Award winner

New species of Ctenomys named after 2007 Whitley Award winner Erika Cuellar after having helped discover it in Bolivia
26 June, 2014

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WFN Investment

Funding awarded since 1994
Terrestrial £5.6m
Coastal & Marine £2.7m
Wetland & Freshwater £2.7m
0£3 million£5.9 million

The Whitley  Fund for Nature is Unique. It doesn’t put its own people on the ground but seeks out local leaders who are already succeeding. It puts its money where it really counts, where every penny counts.
Sir David Attenborough, Trustee

WFN is one of the most cost effective and direct impact charities working to protect the environment.HRH The Princess Royal, Patron

This is what the Whitley Awards are all about – recognising small-scale, effective grassroots leaders and helping them expand their work.Kate Humble