When can I apply?

Application for the Whitley Awards 2017 will open in August 2016.

How much funding can I apply for?

Whitley Awards are worth £35,000 GBP in funding to be spent over a period of one year. 

How do I apply?

1. Check your eligibility 

The Whitley Awards are for wildlife conservation projects based in developing countries. Application to the Whitley Awards is open and applicants do not need to be nominated. Please download the eligibility notes below. For further information, read the Eligibility section on our website.

Download: Whitley Award Eligibility Notes

2. Download and complete the application form

Once you have decided to apply, simply download the Application Form and the Guidance Notes from the links below. The Application Form cannot be completed without following these notes.

Download: 2017 Whitley Award Application Form – Available in August

Download: 2017 Whitley Award Guidance Notes – Available in August

The Application Form is a Word document that you can save to your computer and complete in your own time.  The Guidance Notes are also in a Word document and include the form for referees.

Please note the application form is only available to download during the set application period (August to October 31st).  Applications made on out-of-date forms from previous years will not be considered.

3. Contact your three referees

You need to arrange for three referee statements to be submitted in support of your application. Details of referee eligibility can be found in the Eligibility section of this website. Information on what is required of referees can be found in the Guidance Notes, which also contains a referee form for you to email to your referees. Note that all references must be submitted independently to WFN by the referee.

4. Submit your application

Your completed application form, supporting images and documents need to be sent by email (not via post) to  info@whitleyaward.org (see the Application Guidance Notes for further information).  If email submission is not possible or if you have trouble submitting your application, please contact the WFN office.

Important Notice: Email submissions

Please note that emailed submissions that have multiple attachments of large file size will likely result in delivery failure.

When submitting multiple files or large files (such as photographs), it is best to do this by spreading them out over several separate emails. This will keep the overall file size of the email low and reduce the risk of delivery failure.

You should send a separate confirmation email with no attachments after submitting your application, supporting images and documents.

Once your application has been received we will send an email back to you confirming receipt. However, please be aware that we receive a very high number of applications and therefore you may not receive an email immediately.