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Love for lions

Inspired by the book ‘Born Free’ by Joy Adamson, Shivani’s passion for conservation, and big cats in particular, began whilst growing up in Kenya. She is now Founder and Director of Ewaso Lions, an NGO established in 2007 to promote human-carnivore coexistence.

Shivani Bhalla profile

Uncertain future

Kenya’s lions now number less than 2,000 and could become extinct in the next two decades if action isn’t taken. This decline is due to habitat loss and conflict with humans as lions predate local livestock and are often killed in retaliation. Ewaso Lions works in the Ewaso Nyiro Ecosystem in northern Kenya a key area for large carnivores and home to the country’s third largest lion population.

Ewaso lions

Building capacity

Ewaso Lions employs effective community-based conservation and research to conserve this critical lion population. Its ‘Warrior Watch’ project, which empowers young Samburu warriors to become wildlife ambassadors, works to reduce human-wildlife conflict and improve tolerance of predators through education and capacity-building. As a result, this is one of the only regions in Kenya where lion populations have increased outside of fenced areas in the past five years.


Shivani’s project aims to:

  • Reduce human-carnivore conflict in the Ewaso Nyiro Ecosystem by equipping people with the tools and knowledge to protect their livestock.
  • Build capacity of marginalised Samburu warriors by scaling-up her proven Warrior Watch project.
  • Carry out a lion population census, monitor prey and map lion habitat to inform conservation action.

Why it matters:

  • African lions have declined by 90% in the last 75 years.
  • Human-wildlife conflict is a major cause of lion decline in Kenya.
  • This is the first programme to actively involve warriors in wildlife conservation in the region.

“When I began studying lions, I first talked to as many local people as I could. After all – they know best!”  

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