Kilverstone Wildlife Trust support Whitley Award winners

The Kilverstone Wildlife Charitable Trust have awarded funding to support the work of three past Whitley Award winners.

2007 winner, Luis Aguirre, has been awarded £2,500 in support of his bat conservation programme in Bolivia.

2011 winner, Luis Rivera, has been awarded £1,500 for his work to protect endangered parrot species and their Yungas Forest habitat along Argentina’s northern border with Bolivia.

£1,500 has also been given to provide a further boost to the sea turtle conservation work of the Colombian NGO, CIMAD. 2010 Whitley Award winner, Diego Amorocho who founded CIMAD in 2003, has now moved on to become the Species Program Coordinator for WWF’s Caribbean and Latin American programs, with his wife, Alejandra Jaramillo, now taking over as CIMAD’s Executive Director.

The Kilverstone Wildlife Charitable Trust, founded in 1985, seeks to provide financial support to projects promoting the conservation of South American flora and fauna. Annually the Trust make grants of around £12,000 in total.