Download Dino Martins’ new book about pollinators

Winner of a Whitley Award in 2009 for his work to inspire farmers to conserve pollinating insects in Kenya, Dino Martins has now published a book called “Our Friends The Pollinators. A Handbook of Pollinator Diversity and Conservation in East Africa.”

 Dino Martins doing fieldwork

Dino is Chairman of the Insect Committee of Nature Kenya, a researcher at the National Museums of Kenya and a PhD fellow at Harvard. Where others endeavour to conserve Kenya’s national parks and big charismatic species, Dino’s focus is on the insects that flourish in tiny forest remnants and at farmland edges. Although often overlooked, insects provide essential ecosystem services, and vitally, crop pollination.

 Dino Martins' Pollinator Handbook

Dino’s work is driven by the knowledge that Kenya’s population is booming, people need food and there is pressure to adopt agri-chemical methods even though sustainable farming is viable. He has researched the biology of pollinators all over East Africa in order to educate Kenya’s farming population about the benefits of protecting pollinators and their habitats.

This extensive research has led to the development of an insightful and practical handbook on pollinators. With stunning images and detailed scientific information, this book aims to inspire and create awareness about better farming practices and restoring pollination services, whilst also providing practical knowledge of pollinator diversity.

The book can be downloaded here