World Penguin Day – 25th April

World Penguin Day

To celebrate World Penguin Day, the Global Penguin Society (GPS) -Founded by 2010 Whitley Award winner, Pablo Borboroglu – have released a number of special videos and organised a number of virtual and practical activities:

21 short Videos highlighting the biology and conservation of penguin species. These short films promote penguin awareness and were created in association with the Center for Penguins as Ocean sentinels at the University of Washington 


– DISNEY, GLOBAL PENGUIN SOCIETY & SECRETARY of TOURISM CHUBUT Argentina celebrate together the World Peguin Day, 25th April.

Watch this great trailer


– Smithsonian Institution OCEAN PORTAL site about penguins. Why it is important to celebrate World Penguin Day and how GPS is helping them.


– DISNEY CLUB PENGUIN: Activities and announcements for this special date.


Interactive about Penguin Trends and Threats, a joint product prepared with Pew Ocean Science Division


– Short video:Penguin Protection Critical on World Penguin Day. A joint product prepared with Pew Ocean Science Division


Penguin Conservation Graphic Design Show Exhibition by Charissa Flagg. Jacksonville State University – Hammond Hall Gallery.


Social Media announcements with tips and images of real penguins and penguin drawing made by kids with GPS educational program. Follow GPS on facebook and twitter @WORLDPENGUINDAY