New partnership with Montesogno

WFN is very pleased to announce a new partnership with unique fashion and lifestyle brand, Montesogno. WFN attended the launch on Wednesday last week, hosted by Montesogno’s Founder, Mungo Tennant. With a passion for the natural world and endangered species, Mungo has set up a luxury brand that has an edge. Created from the belief that luxury and the environment needn’t be adversaries, 10% of the production costs of every item sold will be reinvested into conservation charities. These include the Whitley Fund for Nature, the Snow Leopard Trust and ZSL’s Edge of Existence Programme.


The capsule collection of scarves, throws and blankets features three threatened species close to Mungo’s heart, the snow leopard, the European wolf and the bateleur eagle. The designs are hand-drawn by artist Sophie Dunster, whose work to date has focused on conservation issues. Every aspect of the production process has been carefully considered, making sure all products are sustainably and ethically sourced.