NCF celebrates 20 years of science and conservation

The Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) in India is celebrating their 20th anniversary of science and conservation projects which use innovative and practical solutions to address urgent conservation issues currently faced in India.

The projects include protecting endangered species such as snow leopards and hornbills to restoring degraded and fragmented forested areas and ecosystems. The data they have been collecting over the past two decades has facilitated the success of the current projects and is helping to plan future work, where it is needed most.

In celebration of their work and success, NCF have created an inspiring and moving short film about their achievements…

We are proud to see a number of Whitley Award winners featured in the film including Ananda Kumar and his project on human-elephant coexistence; Charudutt Mishra working to protect snow leopards; Aparajita Datta establishing hornbill monitoring and nest adoption schemes; and M.D. Madhusudan working to resolve conflicts between people relying on the land for resources and the large mammals residing in the area such as elephants and tigers.

 An elephant restricted by an electric fence