Outstanding winner results


During year two of their projects, WFN’s  Partnership Funding by Fondation Segré winners have achieved outstanding conservation results for terrestrial, marine and freshwater species and their habitat in South America, Asia and eastern Europe.

These include designation of new protected areas and expansion of anti-poaching programmes for snow leopards in Asia; creation of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and new Marine Protected Area for penguins and coastal wildlife in Argentina; introduction of new sustainable fishing practices and progress towards ensuring industry is held responsible for mitigating the impact of hydro-electric dams on river dolphins and freshwater ecosystems in the Amazon basin; and discovery of the world’s first migratory bears and the smallest lynx on record in Turkey’s trans-boundary wildlife corridor.

The Partnership Funding programme offers grants of €337,500 per project over three years (€112,500 per year per project) to Whitley Award winning conservation leaders. This support provides much needed funding to projects that are having a real and measurable impact on endangered wildlife and local communities. Together these winners are putting conservation higher up the political agenda and working closely with communities to deliver positive outcomes for their focal species.

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Charu Mishra is working to protect the elusive snow leopard with local communities throughout its range

Pablo Borboroglu is conserving penguins and coastal wildlife across the southern hemisphere

Fernando Trujillo is tackling industry in the battle to safeguard river dolphins and freshwater ecosystems in the Amazon Basin

Cagan Sekercioglu is connecting habitat for lynx wolves and brown bears through Turkey’s first wildlife corridor