The Tribeca Film Festival in New York this April features a documentary on 2007 Whitley Gold Award winner, Fernando Trujillo.

Dr Fernando Trujillo leads a team of conservationists working to protect freshwater species and their ecosystems in the Amazon basin, using river dolphins as flagship species.

A River Below, directed by Mark Grieco, premieres at Tribeca on Saturday 22 April. The film focuses on Fernando’s work with the Pink River Dolphin, the largest freshwater dolphin in the world, which is increasingly under threat from the fishing industry, pollution and habitat loss. Fernando’s research has highlighted the menace of mercury poisoning from illegal gold mining, which affects wildlife and people alike and he is working with national authorities to find ways to address this threat.

He has also drawn attention to the killing of dolphins to provide fishing bait and to plans for hydropower dam developments that threaten river connectivity. He is spearheading collaboration between four of the Amazonian countries to safeguard these precious freshwater habitats for both people and wildlife.

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