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Communications Impact Report Launched

New report highlights how winning a Whitley Award impacts a conservationist’s media profile and career trajectory

As well as providing winners with significant financial support, WFN works to accelerate the career paths of Whitley Award winners by helping to raise their profile. This year, we’ve launched a Communications Impact Report to demonstrate the impact that winning a Whitley Award has on a conservationist’s visibility and career progression.

Read our 2018 Communications Impact Report

Funding is just part of what conservationists need to succeed. The Whitley Award seeks to bring unsung leaders to the world stage, with recognition from our patron, HRH The Princess Royal. From building local and national pride, to reaching potential donors, finding new NGO partners, and helping to influence policy, increased visibility and media coverage can help kick-start a snowball effect, growing a conservationist’s reach and access to funding substantially.

The more people who read about our winners’ work, the more philanthropic support they are able to inspire and the more likely they are to receive additional accolades and awards. As their profile is raised, winners also have a better chance to connect with other conservationists and NGOs to share approaches, results and resources. In turn, with greater credibility, they are in a better position to influence local, national, and international policy decisions. All of these factors contribute to stronger and more effective conservation work.

This report covers all publications and media from 1 Sept 2017 through 1 Sept 2018. For 2018 Whitley Award winners, the articles featured are from between 25 April 2018 – 1 Sept 2018 (the 4 month period that follows their Whitley Award win).