Our 2019 Winners Make Headlines!

Highlights from the press coverage so far

As well a providing financial support, we work to accelerate the career paths of Whitley Award winners by helping to raise their profile.  The Whitley Awards week includes professional communications training sponsored by HSBC and led by Boffin Media, as well as speech training by Caroline Black, ensuring winners are well-equipped to communicate their work with global audiences, maximising upon the media attention they receive post-win. Our PR agency, Liquid, works to secure interview opportunities for our winners, both in the UK and their home countries.

This year’s winners have already received some excellent press coverage both in the UK and internationally, including the following English-language highlights:

They’ve also been causing a buzz on social media! Gold Award winner Jon Paul Rodriguez was trending on Twitter in Caracas, Venezuela following his win, and Instagram posts about the Ceremony on the Royal Family account have earned over 50,000 likes.

Tailor-made films narrated by WFN Trustee Sir David Attenborough help winners to share their work with a wide audience. Watch the 2019 Winner Films.

Read our 2018 Communications Impact Report to learn more about the impact that winning a Whitley Award has on a conservationist’s visibility and career progression.

Whitley Fund for Nature and the Whitley Awards are not associated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.