WFN Backs the Global Deal for Nature

The Whitley Fund for Nature is proud to officially stand behind the Global Deal for Nature – a call for ambitious targets to address climate change and the extinction crisis. While the Paris Climate Agreement has set targets to reduce emissions and tackle climate change, action is needed to set equivalent goals for biodiversity protection.

The Global Deal for Nature would make climate and biodiversity goals mutually enforcing, based on research that indicates we cannot limit global temperature increases without conserving forests and other habitat types. This critical call for support would deliver a deal to protect and restore 50% of the world’s land and oceans over the long term, with an initial target to bring 30% under protection by 2030.

Our Whitley Award winners around the world are working to reverse species loss and protect habitat for wildlife at the local, national and international level, but policy change and support from industry and the public is also necessary if we are to reverse the damage that has been done to our natural world. It is not too late.

In 2020, world leaders will meet in China to set new targets to protect nature under the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). We urge you to read more about the Global Deal for Nature, and to consider signing and sharing the petition. Voice your support, asking world leaders to act by making a commitment to safeguard half of the Earth’s lands and seas.

“Creating a Global Deal for Nature would allow humanity to develop a vibrant low-impact economy while leaving room for the rest of life on Earth, becoming the overarching conservation paradigm for this century. Together, the Global Deal for Nature and Paris Climate Agreement will foster nature and humanity’s health and a future for all species and future generations.” Read more about the Global Deal for Nature here.