E M M A J A N E K N I G H T has partnered with the Whitley Fund for Nature

A new way you can support our Whitley Award winners, just in time for Christmas.

EmmaJane is proud to launch her stunning Scarf/Sarong Collection, in partnership with the Whitley Fund for Nature.

She recently collaborated with Rose Corcoran, the talented wildlife artist, and commissioned her manufacturer in Italy’s Lake Como to digitally print the striking sketches of tigers, leopards and cheetahs on to large swathes of exquisitely soft and light-weight fabric, in eye-catching colours.

E M M A J A N E K N I G H T scarf-sarong design 3

Featuring wild cats, they measure 135cm x 195cm and are made with 20% sustainable cashmere and 80% modal fabric (a beautifully soft, man-made, sustainable fibre that is crafted from natural materials and completely biodegradable). For every purchase, a £10 donation goes directly to WFN.

Each piece creates a sea of colours worn as a scarf around the neck, or a striking visual when used as a sarong across the back. They’re fabulous as a throw or bathrobe, too!

A perfect Christmas present.

To see the other designs and find out more click here.

E M M A J A N E K N I G H T scarf - sarong design 2