Thank you for tuning in to the Whitley Awards 2020: A Celebration

Thousands of people have come together across continents to celebrate the 2020 Whitley Award winners online.

“Thank you for your support during this difficult year, when we’ve had all the contents of Pandora’s box let loose on us. But we must remember the very last thing that was left in that box: hope!” WFN Founder, Edward Whitley OBE

Thank you for joining us from around the world to support the 2020 Whitley Award winners. Over 500 people tuned in live on the night and nearly 2000 have already watched our celebration of grassroots conservation leaders.


“You can help us: whether it’s for someone on your Christmas list or a personal contribution to the future of our planet, every donation will be put to extremely effective use.” – WFN Ambassadors, Tom Heap and Kate Humble

We’re striving to raise £100,000 so we can channel it to projects on-the-ground across the Global South. We are so close to our target! Every penny you donate via the BIG GIVE during the first week of December will be DOUBLED. Thank you.


Congratulations again to the 2020 Whitley Award winners!

2020 Whitley Award winners

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