Thank you for watching the Whitley Awards

Thousands of people from around the world have joined us to celebrate the 2021 Whitley Awards.


“Please join us in our admiration and applause for the new Whitley Award winners. We may be gathered virtually, but the challenges they face and the successes they achieve are very real indeed.” WFN Founder, Edward Whitley OBE

Thank you for watching the Whitley Awards! Over 750 of you joined us live across the world and nearly 5,000 people have since seen this uplifting celebration of grassroots conservation.


“In the face of obstacles, not least COVID-19, tonight’s winners have persevered. They show us that, with funding and support, conservation can succeed: they give us reason to be hopeful for the future.” WFN Ambassador, Tom Heap

Meet the new Whitley Award winners and 2021 Gold Award recipient: conservationists working with communities in their home countries, leading grassroots action to benefit wildlife, habitats and people.


“This is a charity completely dependent on its amazing donors. A huge thank you for digging into your pockets in this of all years.” WFN Ambassador, Kate Humble

Thank you to everyone who donated, sent in photos, shared the news on social media and chipped in on the YouTube live chat. We have been humbled by your support.


“I want to see a global shift in the narrative where Africans are the storytellers about African wildlife and assume the lead in efforts to protect it.” 2021 Whitley Gold Award winner, Paula Kahumbu

If you are inspired by the winners’ stories, please consider donating to WFN: every penny enables these effective conservationists to make more impact on the ground.

From all of us at WFN, thank you for making the 2021 Whitley Awards such a special night.