Our vision for a #RootToRecovery

See speeches by WFN's Founder and Director at the 2021 Whitley Awards.

During this spring’s Whitley Awards Ceremony our Founder, Edward Whitley OBE, and Director, Danni Parks, both spoke to the challenges the charity has faced over the past year, as well as our vision for a #RootToRecovery.

“This is a network of people who share the same values. We want to make the world a better place and it’s so good that WFN can bring us all together.”

~ Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, 2009 Gold Award winner

Unprecedented biodiversity, climate and health emergencies are unfolding around us. They threaten the future of all life on earth.

Yet, wildlife conservation works. The extinction risk of birds, mammals and amphibians would be at least 20% worse without the help of conservationists.

As world leaders renew environmental commitments at a series of global summits through 2021, Whitley Award winners are the grassroots changemakers turning ambitions into a green reality on the ground.

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