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Our new report on how WFN accelerates the careers of conservation leaders.

Money is just part of what conservationists need to succeed. In addition to giving new Whitley Award winners £40,000 in project funding, WFN puts a spotlight on their work.

This recognition has changed everything. I have been invited to apply for funding worldwide and chat about dolphin conservation in many powerful media channels. These opportunities put the project under international and national lights, strengthening ties between scientists and society. The Whitley Award is substantially contributing to the conservation of a vulnerable dolphin and its habitat in South America. 2021 Whitley Award winner, Pedro Fruet

Preview of the 2021 Communications Impact Report

Media coverage and increased visibility builds local pride for and participation in projects on the ground. As their profile is raised, winners also have the chance to connect with other conservationists to share successes, failures and resources. In turn, with greater credibility, they are in a better position to influence environmental policy on a regional, national and international scale. Furthermore, it helps winners inspire philanthropic support from new sources, kick-starting a snowball effect that continues to bolster project funding and longevity.

For example, 2021 Whitley Award winner Kini Roesler, who is protecting the Hooded Grebe across Patagonia, received a staggering level of regional, national and international media attention. In fact, his Whitley Award win has generated the most press coverage that his NGO – one of the oldest in Latin America – has ever received. The impact has been such that the Argentine National Senate declared Kini’s project of national interest – a particularly important development in the current climate of increasing environmental degradation.Preview of the 2021 Communications Impact Report

Our 2021 Communications Impact Report summarises the affect that winning a Whitley Award has on grassroots conservationists’ profile. It also examines the continued success we’ve found in expanding our digital PR and communications, as in-person events remained out of reach due to the pandemic.

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