Making Headlines: Our 2022 Whitley Award Winners are in the News

Whitley Awards give winners a boost in profile, and this year's cohort have found themselves everywhere from TV screens to newspaper headlines.

WFN accelerates the careers of conservationists by welcoming them to the world stage. In addition to receiving project funding, Whitley Award winners are championed through a global PR campaign. Training during the Whitley Awards week in London, delivered by our partners Boffin Media, helps them to leverage this lens on their work.

Highlights of this year’s media coverage include Whitley Gold Award winner, Charudutt Mishra‘s interviews with The Times and i News, as well as his live appearance on BBC News:

A gallery from The Guardian shares the best photographs of our winners in action.

Sonam Lama spoke to BBC Wildlife Magazine about transforming red panda poachers into their protectors across Nepal.

Ghanaian winner, Emmanuel Amoah, brought slender-snouted crocodiles to the (air)waves of BBC World Service’s Focus on Africa.

Elsewhere, Estrela Matilde spoke to CNN about saving sea turtles from plastics.

Brazil’s biggest channel, Globo TV, featured Pablo Hoffmann and his plant nursery, through which he is restoring wild tree diversity in the Araucaria Forest.

Argentinian winner Micaela Camino has been on the radio and TV up and down Latin America, including Merco Press.

Dedy Yansyah has been featured extensively by local media in Indonesia, building pride among his ranger team – “the real heroes of the Leuser Ecosystem”, as Dedy calls them:

Increased visibility draws attention to issues and catalyses participation in projects on the ground. In addition, it helps winners to inspire philanthropic support from new sources, kickstarting a snowball effect that continues to bolster project funding. As their profile is raised, winners also have the chance to connect with other conservationists and, with greater credibility, they are in a better position to influence environmental policy on a local, national and even international scale.

Find out more about the impact of winning a Whitley Award from our 2021 Communications Impact Report.