WFN Partners with ShoNet

Providing pro-bono technical support to conservation organisations is an impactful way for tech consultancies to align with global conservation efforts. ShoNet is leading the way by partnering with WFN.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Salesforce Support provider, ShoNet, who work with WFN to optimise our cloud-based database: crucial to the smooth running of the charity’s operations.

When an organisation with the technical expertise of ShoNet can donate their time to us, they have a significant impact. Our cloud-based database underpins our grant and donor management and outsourcing the technical configuration to a leading consultancy enables the WFN team to focus on delivering our charitable objectives.

Image caption: ShoNet’s Ayesha Akaloo joins 2022 Whitley Award winners Estrela Matilde and Micaela Camino; and 2021 Whitley Award winner Iroro Tanshi at the 2022 Whitley Awards Ceremony

Crucially, ShoNet have been teaching us along the way. This is creating a real long-term benefit from the partnership, as the knowledge is invested back into the charity. We’re always looking for new ways to streamline our database management, and this type of high-level technical assistance would be out of reach for many small charities. Though their pro-bono support, ShoNet is doing their part in championing sustainable, equitable and locally-led solutions to our global environmental crises.

We are excited to see how this partnership will develop. Thank you, Shonet!

ShoNet’s Richard Taylor and Steve Rose with 2022 Whitley Award winner Emmanuel Amoah at the 2022 Whitley Awards Ceremony.