Big wins and breakthroughs: Stories from the people protecting our planet

Filmed at London's Royal Institution in front of a live audience, five world-renowned conservationists share frontline tales from across the Global South.

Our 2-day People for Planet Summit featured TED-style talks from five Whitley Gold Award winners on their achievements, the challenges they have faced, and their vision for the future. With decades of experience behind them, watch these incredible environmentalists tell stories of hope and optimism, sharing successes from Northern Kenya to the Himalayas and beyond.

2018 Whitley Gold Award winner Pablo Borboroglu shares his biggest inspirations and triumphs while working to protect penguins like Clarita — and how his life’s work has allowed him to honour his grandmother’s memory.

2023 Whitley Gold Award winner Shivani Bhalla shares her experience of working with Samburu Warriors and their families to change perceptions of lions like Nanai, through community-led conservation initiatives.

2022 Whitley Gold Award winner Charu Mishra explores ethical decision-making in conservation. Charu poses questions around how to seek solutions that support both communities and wildlife, and encourages audiences to view conservation issues from different perspectives.

2011 Whitley Gold Award winner Rachel Graham about how an awe-inspiring moment with a whale shark named ‘Mr Facey’ changed the course of her life forever.

Dino Martins, winner of the 2015 Whitley Gold Award and Whitley Fund for Nature Trustee shares his journey to understanding the spiritual and cultural dimension of connecting with nature, specifically insect kind. See Dino tell stories of the valuable lessons he’s learned over the years from nature-friendly farmers.