Georgina Domberger - Director

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Georgina’s grant-giving experience over 13 years has focused on Asia, Africa and South America, her work contributing to raising over £15m. As director, she has overseen big changes at WFN – when she joined in 2004, the charity was operated from a garden shed! Leaving Oxford in 2000 with a Modern History degree, Georgina gained experience in PR before completing her MSc Conservation (Distinction) at UCL in 2003, going on to work at London Wildlife Trust and London Biodiversity Partnership. In 2005, she helped develop the BBC Wildlife Fund, serving as trustee from 2008-13.

Danni Parks - Deputy Director

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Danni oversees WFN’s operations and manages the charity’s international Awards and grants programmes as Head of Conservation. She leads on delivery of the Whitley Awards Ceremony and keeps WFN in close contact with its global alumni network, numbering over 190 winners in 80 countries. Danni holds a Masters in Conservation Science from Imperial College London and a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Sheffield. She has experience working for a number of environmental organisations including Earthwatch Institute and the British Ecological Society. Danni joined the WFN team in 2011 and works full-time.

Brian Johnson - Finance Manager

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Formerly Managing Director of Guinness Cameroon and Finance Director of Guinness Africa, Brian, since his return to the UK, uses his core finance skills, to support charitable organisations on a part time basis. He has been with WFN since 2010 and acts as Treasurer/Finance Manager/Trustee of six other charities, several on a voluntary basis.  An FCA, he qualified as a chartered accountant in 1975.

Georgie White - Donor Manager

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Georgie manages WFN’s donor base and the partnerships through which grassroots conservation is supported. She oversees the charity’s donor communications whilst also supporting the team on events. Georgie holds a Masters in Conservation from University College London, and joined WFN in February 2017 from Synchronicity Earth. She has worked internationally on community development programmes across Asia and has a background in sustainable business.

Alison Rosser - Grants Manager

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Alison manages WFN’s grants programmes and winner reporting. She assists with the Whitley Awards and Continuation Funding application process and is overseeing WFN’s 25th anniversary impact assessment. Alison has worked with a number of conservation organisations including the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and TRAFFIC. Alison joined the team in January 2016 and works part-time.

Victoria Thompson - Office & Communications Manager

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Victoria is responsible for managing WFN’s office facilities, administration, IT and digital communications, and supports the team across events. Victoria holds a Masters degree in Latin American Studies from Kings College London, and has worked on various sustainable development initiatives internationally, most recently in Peru and Mexico. Victoria joined WFN in June 2018 and works full-time.