Useful Links

Capacity for Conservation – Self-led organisational development which aims to support you to strengthen your organisation to achieve – and sustain – your conservation and organisational development goals

Conservation Biology For All – Free Conservation Biology Textbook, including chapters by Whitley Award winners Cagan Sekercioglu & Carlos Peres

Conservation Breeding Specialist Group: Species Conservation Planning Tools Library – Aimed at species conservation experts who seek a practical and accessible reference to the tools and processes available for designing and implementing a detailed and effective conservation planning approach

Conservation Evidence – A free, authoritative information resource designed to support decisions about how to maintain and restore global biodiversity.

Conservation Leadership Programme: Useful Guides – Downloadable guides on how to write fundraising proposals, plan & manage small to medium-sized conservation projects, conduct field surveys, write clear & concise abstracts & project plans

Design Pathways – An organisation whose mission is to accelerate talent in conservation to change human and business behaviour at scale. They guide conservationists through a structured process to apply proven and exclusive design methods (from the private sector) and develop a Behavioral Plan to address real-world challenges.

Evaluating Conservation Interventions on Human Wellbeing – IIED has just published guidance on evaluating the impacts of conservation interventions on human wellbeing into which WFN provided input.

Foundation Center – Advice and training on writing grant proposals plus database of funding opportunities

Global Trees Campaign guidelines on the basic skills required for tree conservation  – A suite of guidelines to assist with tree conservation

IUCN Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations – A set of guidelines on conservation and reintroduction

LEAD – Leadership training and support for sustainability work

Partners Principles – The Partners Principles for community-based conservation published by the Snow Leopard Trust brings together learnings from community conservation based on 20 years of experience. It provides a ‘how to guide’ for those working in the field of grassroots conservation. The book is already being used to train conservationists in four countries and the content applies to those working on snow leopards, tigers, elephants, rainforests, deciduous forests and well beyond.

PRISM – A toolkit that aims to support small/medium-sized conservation projects to effectively evaluate the outcomes and impacts of their work. The toolkit has been developed by a collaboration of several conservation NGOs with additional input from scientists and practitioners from across the conservation sector.

Restoration Evidence – A free resource that aims to make ecological restoration more effective by providing evidence on which restoration actions work, and which don’t. The searchable website contains summaries of scientific research on the effects of actions to restore habitats, in order to support decision making.

United for Wildlife – Free online learning course for budding conservationists

United for Wildlife Insights Courses – Take these short “Insights” courses to dive deeper into some conservation issues. Learn about species prioritisation, marine conservation, the illegal wildlife trade and more.

What Works in Conservation 2017 (Bill Sutherland) – Free e-book