Nature-Based Solutions

WFN funding stream addressing the biodiversity and climate crises hand-in-hand with communities.

As part of our Continuation Funding programme, WFN channels specific support to locally-led, nature-based solutions that jointly tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

These projects bridge the gap between conservation and climate, recognising that collaborative action is needed in order to address runaway wildlife decline, landscape destruction and global warming. They focus on the protection, sustainable management and restoration of habitats that act as vital carbon sinks such as forests, wetlands, peat bogs, mangroves and seagrass meadows, mitigating climate change through innovative conservation solutions with communities at their core.

Image of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

These grants are worth up to £100,000 over two years and available to past Whitley Award winners. They run alongside our existing Continuation Funding grants, which are worth up to £70,000 over two years and help alumni to scale-up successful work or respond to changing needs. Given the current environmental crises we face, we wish to support our winners now more than ever as they adapt to a new reality.

To check your eligibility and find out how to apply, please visit our Continuation Funding page.

If you would like to support this programme, please get in touch with WFN’s Head of Partnerships, Georgie White ([email protected]). Your help will make a difference to those transforming ambitions into action, across countries on the frontline of the climate crisis where biodiversity loss is already a catastrophic effect on people’s ability to adapt and survive.