Apply for Continuation Funding

applications for Continuation funding are now closed until 2024.

WFN’s Continuation Funding enables previous Whitley Award winners to scale up successful conservation projects across terrestrial, marine and freshwater habitat, with multi-year funding. Continuation Funding is also available for projects implementing nature-based solutions, which tackle the climate and biodiversity crises hand-in-hand with community involvement. To find out more about Continuation Funding, click here.


Continuation Funding applications from Whitley Award alumni will open again in 2024. Follow our social media for updates, or sign up to receive our newsletter.


Continuation Funding is offered at two levels:

1) £50,000 over one year

2) Up to £100,000 over two years

Nature-based solutions grants are worth:

3) Up to £100,000 over two years

This year, we are also offering startup funding to address legal needs in addition to the schemes above. Initial awards of up to £2,000 are available to start initial discussions with a local lawyer or a consultant to investigate using the law to identify or help resolve legal issues with your project or relevant policy work that supports conservation aims. If you find this useful, it may be increased by up to a further £3,000 upon a satisfactory explanation. Please get in touch with the WFN team if you would like to learn more about this opportunity.


       1. Check your eligibility

You are eligible to apply only if you have previously won a Whitley Award and successfully completed your grant (final report submitted, and grant closed by WFN).

WFN Associate Award and Runner-Up prize winners are not eligible for Continuation Funding and should consider applying for a Whitley Award instead.

       2. Read the application guidelines

       3. Submit your application

First, you will need to submit a brief concept note to WFN (this has been emailed to WFN alumni) in early May. Please get in touch to request a copy if needed.

Following this, you will be given feedback and if selected, will be invited to submit a full application by the beginning of August.

Successful applicants may expect to receive funding in November of the year they apply.

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