Winner publications

Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto and the team at her NGO, ProDelphinus, have published a series of papers over the past two years reporting on their work with small-scale fishermen in Peru, conserving marine wildlife while supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Jon Paul Rodríguez co-founded his NGO, Provita, 30 years ago to conserve threatened wildlife in Venezuela and has since scaled up his work to an international level. He is currently the elected Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission – the first person from outside of Europe or North America to hold this eminent position. In this paper he and colleagues explore decentralising leadership, in order to develop local capacity for conservation. They argue that small, locally-focused organisations working on the front lines of biodiversity loss are often the most effective.

This collection of papers explores the impact of protected areas in marine, terrestrial and freshwater environments, on both wildlife and people.

This article presents guiding principles for understanding the impact of conservation interventions on peoples’ lives, beyond the objective measure of income.