Sir David Attenborough has chosen 10 species he’d save on his imaginary Ark, including 2 from Whitley Award winning projects

10 years of campaigning by Whitley Gold Award winner Randall Arauz leads Costa Rica to ban all shark finning and trade in fins

WFN Trustee, Sir David Attenborough, has been awarded the John C. Phillips Memorial Medal- IUCN’s top conservation award

Team led by Gerardo Ceballos identify at least 8 new species of mammals and 3 species of amphibians in the Peruvian Andes

Cross River gorillas have been caught on camera trap for the first time. Whitley Award winner Louis Nkembi is boosting their conservation

Killings highlight importance of work carried out by the likes of Whitley Award winner, Sergei Bereznuk, to fight poaching

2012 is the Year of the Bat! Learn how WFN has helped to support bat conservation around the world

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The Kilverstone Wildlife Trust have awarded £5,500 to support three Whitley Award winning projects in Latin America

Whitley Alumni Dino Martins and Brad Norman have been sharing their work with the world through TED lectures

With the help of funding from WFN, researchers have located and filmed snow leopard cubs in Mongolia for the first time

Legal action by Angela Maldonado has halted the collection of wild monkey’s for bio-medical research in Colombia