Melvin visited the Arcus Foundation for a week of activities to highlight his work to protect orangutans in Sarawak

Danni Parks visits three Whitley Award winners working for the Brazilian NGO, IPÊ

Success for 2010 Whitley Award winner, Louis Nkembi after Cameroonian Government agrees to Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Sergei Bereznuk presents new anti-poaching tool, which will help find poachers and monitor movements of Amur leopards and tigers in Russia

The work of Zafer Kizilkaya and Bibiana Vila has been further recognised through two major international awards

Guanaco numbers have fallen by 96% in Argentinian Patagonia. 2005 winner Andres Novaro is aiming to reverse this

Local diver using iSeahorse identifies two species never before seen in the country’s waters

Whitley Award winner Shivani Bhalla witnessed an extraordinary battle in Samburu National Reserve

2010 Whitley Award winner urges action for global penguin conservation

WFN has awarded £280,000 in support of the ongoing work of six past Whitley Award winners

New species of Ctenomys named after 2007 Whitley Award winner Erika Cuellar after having helped discover it in Bolivia

Gonzalo Merediz-Alonso and his NGO win the prestigious Miguel Alemán Valdés 2014 Ecology and Environment Award