Watch a new film from the University of Cambridge featuring Sir David Attenborough, BBC presenter Iolo Williams and WFN Director Danni Parks, on revolutionising the way projects are planned.

We delve into the partnership that produces an annual collection of impactful short films, introducing Whitley Award winners to an international audience.

Every donation you made to mark the 2022 Whitley Awards has been doubled by match funding, totalling £200,000! What’s more, your outstanding show of support means WFN has now awarded £20 million over the charity’s 29 year history.

Each spring we catalyse conservation action by inviting new Whitley Award winners to London for training, networking and media opportunities. We look back on what happened during the 2022 Whitley Awards Week…

Whitley Awards give winners a boost in profile, and this year’s cohort have found themselves everywhere from TV screens to newspaper headlines.

Our favourite photographs from the big night!

Meet this year’s recipients of world-leading prizes for grassroots wildlife conservation…

“The theme for this year’s Whitley Awards is #OurLocalPlanet, in recognition that each of us, wherever we live, can take action for conservation; and that through these changes – no matter how large or seemingly small – our collective impact will be global.” Edward Whitley, OBE

The 2022 Whitley Award winners will be announced live on Wednesday 27 April, streamed to YouTube from 8pm BST. It promises to be an inspirational evening: watch the trailer narrated by WFN Trustee, Sir David Attenborough.

On Wednesday 27 April we reveal the winners of this year’s Whitley Awards live from London, streamed to YouTube at 8pm BST.

Meet this year’s top 15…

Our new report on how WFN accelerates the careers of conservation leaders.