Join us for WFN’s People for Planet Summit

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Whitley Awards

“The future of the natural world, on which we all depend, is in our hands” – Sir David Attenborough, WFN Ambassador

30 years of supporting innovative conservation leaders across the Global South has proven that effective solutions to current environmental crises are found in science-based projects driven by local communities.

The conservation world is often regarded in terms of species or habitats, but almost all wildlife-rich areas include communities with specific needs not always obvious to outsiders. For three decades WFN has supported conservation champions, in the form of our Whitley Award winners, to provide their effective, sustainable, and equitable solutions in their home countries — and now we want to give this prestigious network of Gold Award winners a platform to share their experiences.

Announcing the People For Planet Summit

Join the world’s top conservation experts from across the Global South for an inspiring 2-day programme of events. The biodiversity and climate crises affect us all, and The People for Planet Summit aims to uplift underrepresented voices and bring together people from all different backgrounds and sectors to discuss solutions and take action for the environment.



Learn about the transformational power of grassroots conservation from Whitley Gold Award winners, who will be discussing key priorities for the future of our planet, covering topics such as forests, food security, ocean protection, community empowerment, youth, financing  solutions, and discussing why without wildlife, there is no net zero.

Together with our expert peers and special guest panellists, we invite you to join the conversation live and in person at the Royal Institution in London as we come together across sectors to identify collaborative solutions in the fight to protect our planet and its wildlife.

Ahead of COP28, this event will offer unique insights from on-the-ground conservation entrepreneurs working to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change. With panel discussions, networking sessions, exciting evening events and more, this is a cross-sector event where optimism and an open-mind are our first tools of action!

As many of the challenges we face as a planet have grown, so has our ambition and determination to support the extraordinary tenacity of our winners. To mark the charity’s 30th Anniversary, WFN welcomes everyone to join this conversation.

Building on our Partners for Planet Whitley Award ceremony earlier in year, we’re excited to be looking ahead to the future of conservation, leading sessions focused on the intersection of conservation management and humanitarian action.



See our programme of events below…


people for planet summit Day 1

6th November (1- 6pm GMT)


Talk 1: Adapting to a hotter planet

From drought in the Horn of Africa and invasive species in the Mediterranean to the wildfires that are sweeping the world; how are conservationists and species responding to climate change?

Gold Award Winners in conversation:

·        Shivani Bhalla

·        Zafer Kizilkaya

·        Pablo Borboroglu

·       Jon Paul Rodríguez


Talk 2: Building An inclusive movement

Indigenous and local people safeguard 80% of biodiversity yet make up just 6% of the global population. Success in conservation depends on an inclusive, intersectional approach that advocates for the protection of both people and planet, while centring the stories and voices of marginalised communities. A look at how conservationists are ensuring diversity at the table, with equity, inclusion, and climate justice in mind.

Gold Award Winners in conversation:

·        Charu Mishra

·       Rodrigo Medellin

·      Rachel Graham


Talk 3:  Redefining Carbon Offsetting: Does it work?

Making biodiversity count: Without biodiversity there is no Net-Zero. How Nature-based Solutions can play a pivotal role in addressing the climate crisis. What are they and how do we measure their impact?

Gold Award Winners in conversation:

·       Çağan Şekercioğlu

·        Hotlin Ompusunggu

·        Jean Wiener


people for planet summit – evening 1 event 

Join world-renowned nature conservationists for frontline tales from across the Global South, in this special evening with Whitley Fund for Nature’s Gold Award winners.




people for planet summit Day 2 – 7th November (1- 6pm GMT)

Talk 1: Safeguarding seas in peril

From overfishing to plastic pollution, protected areas and deep-sea mining; How can building grassroots support help us safeguard 30% of the ocean by 2030 

Gold Award Winners in conversation:

·        Jean Wiener

·        Pablo Borboroglu

·        Rachel Graham

·        Zafer Kizilkaya


Talk 2: Business, Biodiversity and the Financialization of Natural Capital

Biodiversity is rising up the business agenda. From Rhino Bonds and Debt-for- Nature swaps to greening the economy; how can biodiversity be integrated into corporate strategies?

Gold Award Winners in conversation:

·         Shivani Bhalla

·        Rachel Graham

·        Charu Mishra

.        Çağan Şekercioğlu

.        Jon Paul Rodríguez


Talk 3:  Pollinators and the economy: humanity’s £135 billion food debt to bees, bats, and butterflies

One in every three bites we eat is connected to pollinators, yet their populations are crashing. More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered. From bee friendly farming to bat friendly tequila, conservationists lay out a pesticide-free roadmap:

·        Dino Martins

·        Rodrigo Medellin


people for planet summit – evening 2 event 


Access behind-the-scenes stories from the BBC’s groundbreaking natural history series, Wild Isles, in an exclusive evening with Series Producer and WFN Ambassador Alastair Fothergill, and Producer / Director Nick Gates, one of our WFN NextGen committee members.



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