Watch our winners’ films, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

In December we premiered seven short films about the 2020 Whitley Award winners. Watch them on demand. 

Narrated by WFN Trustee Sir David Attenborough, see into our winners’ worlds. Each film is followed by their acceptance speech, sent to us from the field.

Follow the links below or view the YouTube playlist here.

“I have to say it’s very difficult to be a conservationist these days so this award comes at exactly the right time.”
Patrícia Medici · Tapirs · Brazil · 2020 Whitley Gold Award

“Working with my own people, in my own community, to save our own natural environment is deeply inspiring. Thank you for your support.”
Abdullahi Ali · Hirola antelope · Kenya · 2020 Whitley Award

“The Whitley Award will help amplify our message, end illegal wildlife trade and make sure this bird still flies, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”
Yoki Hadiprakarsa · Helmeted Hornbill · Indonesia · 2020 Whitley Award

“If you’d have told me 15 years ago that I’d be accepting an award for a career in frogs, I wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, I was quite terrified of them growing up!”
Jeanne Tarrant · Amphibians · South Africa · 2020 Whitley Award

“While accepting this prestigious award, I look forward to promulgating the Buddhist way of life, giving back to nature what we have taken.”
Phuntsho Thinley · Alpine musk deer · Bhutan · 2020 Whitley Award

“In Nigeria women are disregarded as agents of change. I have had to work harder than everyone else around me.” 
Rachel Ikemeh · Chimpanzees · Nigeria · 2020 Whitley Award

“This year we were locked in our homes with restricted rights to come and go. It’s not unlike what’s happened to black lion tamarins. Deforestation confines them to small patches so they can’t visit their relatives anymore.”
Gabriela Rezende · Black lion tamarin · Brazil · 2020 Whitley Award