Why Our Board Meetings are Buzzing

Meet WFN’s new Trustee!

Every third bite of food we eat would not exist without pollinators. The tiny insects that provide this ‘ecosystem service’ – the bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, flies and beetles – put food on our tables and money in farmers’ pockets.

For 20 years, Kenyan entomologist Dino Martins has researched insect-plant interactions, collaborated with farmers on sustainable agriculture, and contributed to the Kenyan government’s legislation against pesticides.

His lifelong dedication to pollinators and people is improving food security, boosting livelihoods and conserving biodiversity across East Africa.

Insects protected by Whitley Gold Award winner Dino Martins in Africa

Dino is a Research Scholar and Lecturer at Princeton University, as well as Executive Director of Mpala Research Centre – the ‘living laboratory’ that’s increasing capacity for conservation by giving African scientists and students the space to experiment.

Whitley Gold Award winner Dino Martins in Africa

In 2015, Dino won the Whitley Gold Award for his outstanding contribution to the conservation sector and has remained an active and influential member of our winner network. Now, six years after receiving WFN’s top prize, he becomes the first Whitley Award alumnus to join our Board of Trustees, marking an exciting development at WFN by bringing a conservation practitioner, academic and grantee on board to help govern the charity.

Dino joins a stellar set of Trustees – Edward Whitley OBE, Catherine Faulks, Ian Lazarus, Francis Sullivan and Sir David Attenborough – who provide their leadership, guidance and expertise to WFN.

Whitley Gold Award winner Dino Martins with WFN Trustee Sir David Attenborough